Nov 272010

Flexstyle (Website) remixing Kevin Max (MySpace page) – Saint of Lonely Hearts (DanceRock Remix)
Ugress (BandCamp page) – Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire
Viola (Website) – Nobodylovers
Jason Munday (YouTube page) – California Dorks (parody of Katy Perry – California Gurls)
Malcos (Website) – When It’s Gone
zircon (Website) – Nimbus
Old Detroit Radio (TheSixtyOne profile) – Benzodiazepine
Harperactive (Website) – Maraschino
Siamey (Website) – On the Move
DJ Kenneth A (ACIDplanet profile) – Sea Breeze

A special ten-track show for the tenth episode, and I hope you all enjoy it! Please excuse the fact that this went up a little late, as I’m spending my Thanksgiving weekend with a nasty cold, which you’ll also notice in my voice during the ‘cast. A happy belated Thanksgiving to you, if you’re from the United States, and a happy…well, whatever you may wish to celebrate on the fourth Thursday in November wherever you live. See you next week!

  2 Responses to “Flexstyle’s Favorite Five Podcast: Episode 0010”

  1. Found your podcast because I searched Jason Munday on itunes, If you didn’t already know he’s going to be coming out with his second album in the fairly near future. I really think you should do an episode entirely on youtube musicians. It would be a good way for both you to get more discovered and the youtubers to get more discovered by your audience. Though the youtubers already have a fairly large audience. Fun facts about the California Dorks that that you probably don’t know, when he says “Chill at Echo Base” he doesn’t just mean in reference to star wars (though it is partly why) it’s also the name of the house that he and his 2 roommates (Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard) live in. There are so many nerdy references in this song it is amazing. like when he says “watch some avatar on netflix” he’s not talking about the avatar movie, he’s talking about avatar the next air bender tv show. SO AMAZINGLY NERDY, DFTBA
    (the url I am using is the video for reference, its amazing and deserves a watch)

  2. also I didn’t really say this before but if you do choose to do an episode of just youtube musicians (which I really think you should do) there are a lot of musicians you could feature, just to name a few there are Luke Conard and Kristina Horner of the band All Caps, Kristina is also part of a band called the Parselmouths (one of many wizard rock bands) and Luke Conard (along with Jason Munday and a few other guys) are part of another wizard rock band by the name of Ministry Of Magic. Alex Carpenter is another awesome musician his band is The Remus Lupins (though they just had their last show ever due to the end of the harry potter series but he is also working on a solo project). He is also good friends with Jason, Luke, Kristina and anyone else in their group (its a fairly large group so it’s hard to list them all). I can think of a lot of other musicians, enough that you could easily have multiple episodes, but I don’t want to spam too much. send me an email if you want to know like a list of awesome youtube musicians. I could talk way more about the awesome youtube musicians that I know of, since I pretty much live my life on youtube I could easily go on forever. It’s not that difficult for me, so like i already said, if you want to know more awesome youtube musicians for a future episode send me an email, I will be glad to help you out.

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